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St. Ignatius Loyola Parish

in Buchanan Valley

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Two Ministers are needed to take Communion to the Catholic residents of Laurel Run one Wednesday morning a month

 9:15—10:30am. For more information

 Please call Mary Stasiak 352-3426 or the parish office 677-8012

Text Box:  Please Note…

Any  expenses incurred that must be reimbursed or paid out by the church must be pre-approved in the office prior to purchasing, including but not limited to credit accounts at any supplier. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us to avoid overstocking and duplication of 
Anyone who is in any of the buildings during regular business hours must stop by the office upon your  arrival and departure to let the office staff know. If you plan on being in any of the buildings/property after business hours, please call or email the office during regular business hours.  
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Effective September 30, 2011



Parishioners: $475.00 per lot, Non Parishioners: $975.00 per lot There will also be a pamphlet available with a list of rules and regulations for our cemetery. 

If you have any questions please contact the parish office during regular business hours.

PHONE CALLS CONCERNING THE SICK – Please note that it is the

family’s responsibility to contact the parish regarding Sacraments and a

pastoral visit. The hospital does not call anymore! If a loved one is

admitted to a nursing facility, rehab or is homebound, please call if you wish a visit. Thank you for your help and consideration.

** If you or your family has an unused cemetery plot in the old section please contact the parish office to obtain paperwork for assigning these vacant lots with a name.

Please note: There is NO HUNTING on church property. If you or know anyone who currently hunts or has stands on  church property please have them removed immediately.  If you have any questions, please contact the office. Signs will be posted as soon as possible

Going on Vacation?  Need to find a Catholic church?  Before you go, find the church and Mass times near you: www.masstimes.org

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Room Reservations are on a First Come– First Served Basis.

No alcohol shall be permitted on church property for

any events without prior approval from Fr. DiBiccarro

Influenza and the

 Sacred Liturgy



Q ~ What is the best way to prevent the transmission of the influenza virus?

A ~ According to the Centers for Disease Control, as with other infectious illness, one of the most important and appropriate preventive practices is careful and frequent hand hygiene. Cleaning your hands often using either soap and water or waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizers (found in the narthex, sacristy and parish center) removes potentially infectious materials from your skin and helps prevent disease transmission.

Q ~ How can the spread of the influenza virus be prevented?

A ~ When you are sick, help prevent others from getting sick too by observing the following:

¨ Keep your distance from others

¨ If possible, stay home from work, school & errands

¨ Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing

¨ Wash your hands often to help protect you from germs

¨ Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth


If you are very sick or know that you have an easily communicable disease, you are not bound by the obligation to participate in Mass on Sunday. Stay at home and return to church when you are well.

Please note: For longer illnesses, contact the parish office so that arrangements can be made to have someone visit you with Holy Communion.

Did you know you could have flowers placed on the altar not only in Memory of someone but also for any special occasion? Graduation, a new baby, a

birthday, a anniversary or any

special achievement, just to mention

a few. If you are interested in placing

flowers on the altar you may do so

by calling:  Kim Cease at 677-9327.

             The cost is $40.

Text Box: If any of the following items pertain to you or to your family, please check in front of the item. This information will be a great help to us.  You may tear off the form and deposit it in the 
collection basket or mail it to the parish. 
 Thank you for your help! 
_  New in the Parish, would like to register
_  Change of address
_  Request collection envelopes
_ 	 Do not use collection envelopes please remove 
_  Moving out of the Parish
_  Need information, please call me at _______________
_  New telephone number: _____________________
_  Family member (Name: ________________________)
     is ill and needs to see a priest: 
_  At home
_  At ________________Hospital (room ____)
_  At _________________
		nursing home (room number ______)
_  Would like to receive Holy Communion regularly


Phone: ________________________

Email: ______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________

Previous address if changing: